sushi503 is a mobile-oriented website that helps sushi enthusiasts find their favorite Japanese cuisine. Using geolocation services, the user can view nearby locations on a map, select one, and get useful information including directions, telephone number, reviews, and a link (when available) to the menu.


Our mission is connect sushi lovers to a wide variety of options all in one easy-to-use place. Sushi revolves around fresh seasonal food, complex flavors and beautiful presentation, but it can be difficult to sort through which dining locations provide the ideal atmosphere, price or freshness that the current mood requires. We want to make it easy to filter through price ranges, reviews, and dining types to find the perfect place. We will even provide you with directions to get you there.

“Eat it raw before all else, then grill it, and boil it last of all.”

In addition, we want to provide an interactive educational environment that makes sushi503 an enjoyable experience. From the background on sushi to sushi identification, we want to expand our users knowledge about all things sushi.

Goals & Objectives

While our main goal at sushi503 is to connect our users with their favorite cuisine, we would also like to educate them about the origin of sushi and the types and varieties available.

Our first objective is provide interactive maps with custom pins to make it easy to find locations in the area. We then want to provide an overview page about each location. In addition to a map, information on these pages will include address, phone, website link and menu link (if available), dining category, reviews, and price category.

As sushi education is also our goal, we want to provide a page, Sushi FAQS, with educational information. We also value customer service and wish to provide background information on ourselves as well as contact information for questions or concerns on our About Us page.

While this website is mobile-oriented, we want to make it accessible to a variety of devices with a responsive design.

Target Audience

The sushi503 target audience ranges from the adventurous beginner to the sushi aficionado, but a love for sushi is at the heart of it. Sushi is typically a light-weight, fish-and-rice-centered cuisine; you either love it or you don't. We recognize that not everyone likes sushi so we also include information on whether the location offers alternative menu options.

The target audience is made of both genders and the design should be gender neutral. In addition, because the website is mobile-oriented, users may be more likely to own a cellphone. According to, U.S. sushi consumption increased by 28 percent from 2010 – 2014. This means more and more people in the U.S. are discovering a love for sushi and we are here to help.

Tone & Style

Light-weight. Fresh. Complex. These are words used to describe sushi and we intend to reflect that in our design for the website.

We want a clean, open feel that represents the light-weight aspect of the food. To also reflect that mood, we will choose a modern sans-serif typeface. Common ingredients in sushi are rice, seaweed and fish and will be represented in our color palette of Sticky Rice White, Dark Seaweed Green, and Salmon.

To increase the open feeling, we want to minimize clutter by offering additional details only when requested with drop down menus and sections.


A fully functional responsive website that educates users about sushi and assists them in finding nearby Mid-Willamette Valley sushi locations.

  • Responsive Design, accessible to a variety of devices
  • GPS Maps with custom location and geolocation capabilities
  • Some PHP, Javascript and JQuery may be necessary for functionality
  • Research and write content
  • Original Photography and Illustration

Complementary Sites

Local Sushi Near Me

Local Sushi Near Me is a nationwide website created by a group of “food fanatics” that utilizes Google Map API to locate sushi shops near the user. The site's navigation is pretty bare and straightforward. The homepage features a large hero image with a centered search form that allows the user to input and search sushi shops by name. When we attempted to use it, the search did not function. The site is responsive and transitions well to mobile, keeping virtually all aspects of the desktop version while implementing a hamburger menu for the main navigation. The voice projected from the information was professional, yet friendly, which was appreciated. To see the website live, check it out here.

Eat Sushi

Eat Sushi finds sushi by having the user input their metropolitan area via a form dropdown list, or by scrolling down and clicking on your town's (if available) link. There may be more negative aspects to this site than positive. For example, it is not responsive, which is a requirement of sushi503. It has an overwhelming color palette with a distracting background pattern and unlike’s bare bones navigation, has a crowded navigation and would benefit from nesting and drop down menus. Even though the navigation is crowded, some of the individual pages are good ideas and would be useful to users of sushi503. One page is “sushi history”, which gives the origins of sushi and in sushi503’s case, could give information on the migration of sushi to America, or even the Mid-Willamette Valley more specifically. Another useful page could be a sushi glossary, which would inform users of the different types of sushi and the ingredients used in said sushi. also contains videos of sushi preparation, sushi etiquette and a store where books and videos relating to sushi can be purchased. To see the website live, check it out here.

Yo! Sushi

Yo! Sushi uses large background imagery and vibrant, saturated colors to create a fun, energetic and fresh looking site. This might be the only website reviewed that has social media links in the footer, which is something for sushi503 to consider. YO! SUSHI appears to be more of an International site with few options in the U.S. However it still has aspects or high points that sushi503 could use for inspiration and ideas. Unlike most sites these days, YO! SUSHI uses Mapbox software instead of Google Maps which enabled them to create highly customizable maps. YO! SUSHI is responsive, using a hamburger menu in mobile view. The large background images look to be cropped intentionally (art directed) for the smaller mobile display. Although not pictured, this site has a signup form which rewards users on their birthday and sends notifications when new sushi shops are opened or added to the directory. To see the website live, check it out here.

Navigation Outline

Main Navigation

  1. Home
  2. Locations
  3. Sushi FAQs
  4. About Us

Site Structure

  1. Home
    1. sushi503 Logo
      • None.
    2. Hamburger Menu
      • Drop down with Main Navigation
      • User clicks/taps menu to open/close, when open user can select a navigation area.
    3. Featured Sushi Locations
      • Rotating Banner Slider
      • User clicks/taps banner image and goes to that featured location page
    4. Map
      • Google Map with all nearby sushi locations
      • User clicks/taps a pin to go to that sushi location's page
  2. Locations
    1. Example: Momji - Silverton Rd
      • Location Name
      • Address
        • User clicks/taps to get directions
      • Phone Number
        • User clicks/taps to call
      • Website/Menu Link (if available)
        • User clicks/taps to visit link
      • Dining Category
      • Price Range
      • Alternative Menu Options
      • Map with current location highlighted
  3. Sushi FAQs
    1. The Origin of Sushi
    2. Sushi Identification
    3. Sushi or Japanese Trivia
  4. About Us
    1. Our story
    2. Contact Information
      • User clicks/taps to call or email
    3. Questions or Concerns form
      • User fills out form and submits information